Véronique Lesage - Artist - Horse and Movement Painter- France - Canada (Québec)

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To Paint a Horse's Portrait ...

"Paint first a paddock
with the door open...
Next paint
something pretty
something simple
something lovely
something of use
to the horse.
Then put the canvas near a tree
in the paddock.
Hide behind the tree,
say nothing,
don't move…
Sometimes the horse comes quickly
but it can just as well take
many years before deciding.
Don't be disheartened...
wait years if need be...
The pace of the horse's arrival
bearing no relation
to the success of the painting.
When the horse comes
if it comes...
Keep very still,
wait for the horse to enter the paddock..."

Inspired from "Paroles" by

Jacques Prévert...

"And once it has,
gently shut the door with the brush.
Then, paint out the fences
one by one,
taking care not to touch the horse.
Next paint a lovely meadow
choosing the sweetest grass
for the horse.
Paint likewise the green leaves and
fresh breeze,
the sun's scintillation
and the clamor of crickets
in the heat of summer.
And then wait until the horse
decides to neigh
with contentment.
If the horse does not whinny,
that's a bad sign,
a sign the painting is no good.
But if it neighs that's a good sign,
a sign you can sign...
Then you pull out very gently
some of the horse's hair
to make a brush
and you write down your name
in a corner of the painting. "

Who is Véronique Lesage ? Stroke the blue horse with your mouse...


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