Véronique Lesage - Artist - Horse and Movement Painter- France - Canada (Québec)

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Horses, a favorite subject

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Wildlife artist recognized by the world of horses Véronique lesage regularly exhibits in prestigious places dedicated to this emblematic animal, such as the Haras Nationaux (national stud farms) of Pin, of Lion d'Angers, of Les Bréviaires, etc ...

Her training in graphic design and her passion for horses have driven her to create a number of logos, posters for the equestrian world, notably the logo of Congres Mondial du Cheval Percheron (The World Congress of Percheron Horses) (Haras le Pin, 2001), and likewise the annual event in Nogent-le-Rotrou: Percheval.

Véronique Lesage has also illustrated cartoons for several sections of the Sabots review, and has created fixed images for a documentary on workhorses, commissioned by the television station Equidia.

Seeking to capture the essence of movement....

"A trained artist in graphic design and calligraphy, having studied Latin calligraphy and naturally approached other techniques and calligraphy tools, it's "by this hazard of the profession" that I seek through my drawings, paintings and sculptures, to capture the essence of movement, in a stylized form with graphic line : letter and ideogram, are they not also a kind of drawing !

For several years, I have been working
on expressing the energy of movement and it's power, it's spontaneity along with gesture, pure, graphic, and aesthetic line. Always seeking to overcome this challenge, which is to capture movement on paper, on canvas or in sculpture, always giving the impression, at the same time, that this movement is not stationary.

Like a musician whose interpretation of a piece makes us "vibrate", my aim in art is to express "the spirit of things" to render suggestion rather than details… as well as the "emotion". Chinese painting, Chinese and Japanese calligraphy inspire me greatly : Self-control and spontaneity allow the artist to find internal harmony to properly lead the hand which guides the brush."

Véronique Lesage

Quote from Jacques Foussadier, Zen Monk

"In reality, the true spirit, is the practice itself. If the spirit is preoccupied by things other than drawing the line, there is no more real concentration. When we hold the brush, the hand becomes a brush ! There is no longer hand and brush, but there is a hand-brush.

The richness of possibilities of this tool are infinite and depend on the sensitivity, the subtlety of the artist in the moment he uses his tool. Calligraphy, as well as painting, do not forgive the smallest of mistakes. The moment is unique and definitive. The completion of a long worked-upon piece of art springs forth as naturally as a source. At this stage… the artist fully lives his work which becomes, then, the most beautiful expression of life itself, life as it really is."

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