Véronique Lesage - Artist - Horse and Movement Painter- France - Canada (Québec)

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    Véronique Lesage uses pictorial techniques as varied as oil, watercolor, ink or pastel. Her works, whether calligraphic, nearly abstract or figurative, all contain the common theme of movement.

  • Véronique Lesage, The Painter

    Professional artist since 1997 and holding a degree in Graphic Arts, Véronique Lesage set up her studio in the charming village of René (Sarthe-France). Influenced by Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, she works on the interpretation of movement in her paintings, drawings and sculptures. The horse is her favorite subject.

  • Horses, a favorite subject

    Véronique Lesage is fascinated by horses, their nobility, their character.... They are the preferred subject of her drawings and paintings. She works on the interpretation of movement expressed through gesture and line. With the use of a few lines, she suggests the form and the character of a horse.

  • Véronique Lesage, Her Work

    Surprising works of various techniques and diverse subjects : paintings, drawings, sculptures, logos, mural frescos, posters, illustrations...

  • Véronique Lesage, The Exhibitions

    Véronique Lesage : Exhibitions and Press reviews.

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    Phone number, Mobile number, Address and Email of Véronique lesage.

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