Véronique Lesage - Artist - Horse and Movement Painter- France - Canada (Québec)

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Véronique Lesage, Her Work

If you are interested in purchasing art works featured on this site, please feel free to call Véronique Lesage + 33 6 82 07 68 37

New works

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In the words of Jules St-Aubin, Art Critic

"Born in Paris where she studied graphic arts, Véronique Lesage now develops her talents in the peaceful surroundings of a lovely village in the Sarthe.
She is quite clearly an artist who is
passionate about the line and form of the horse.
Depicting animals, like drawing the nude, requires a rigorous technical mastery and Véronique certainly has just that...
Thrusting forward or rearing up, trotting or galloping, depictions of horse are found everywhere in her workshop.
Mastering and making use of techniques as varied as acrylics, oil, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, and China ink, Véronique is
always on the look-out for interesting new approaches. "

"Brushes, feathers or Chinese paintbrushes are brought into play with an attention to detail that can rarely be faulted. She remains true to the figurative style of artistic representation. It is clear that her work mainly revolves around the horse and that she strives through her work to express the essence of the equine.
One can well imagine that Veronique spends moments of great intensity communing with horses so as to get close to their movements and expressions which she then translates onto canvas.
How otherwise could the artist achieve these rounded contours, these taut, straining lines?
Her graphic line aided by precise tonal values and by a careful building up of the composition, adds to the
great energy released in the painting.
The vigour of the artwork is clearly underpinned by
the quality of the drawing, something in which the artist excels.
"Cheval fougueux" (fiery horse) or "Au travail" (working) demonstrate
her keen sense of observation.
While the horse is the most typical of the animals she paints, farmyard animals such as a rooster drawn in China ink and with a Chinese brush are also among her artistic production.
With care and attention to detail, Véronique never gives up searching for something that makes a statement or captures a gesture.
You have a real feeling that she loves calm and the passage of time :
her work wells up from stillness.
Life, whether animal or human, is always a source of surprise and curiosity for her.
Through the figure of the horse,
you can feel how fascinated Véronique is by nature in its infinite variety and myriad colours.
It always brings the same pleasure to discover an artist working in the classical tradition, and who is not swayed by passing fashion.

Jules St-Aubin To download this document in PDF

Some equestrian-themed graphic design projects

2001 : Logo design for the "Congrès Mondial du Cheval Percheron" - Haras du Pin (the World Congress of Percheron Horses).

2002 : Design and creation of mural paintings on Percheron horses for the town of Chapelle-du-Bois. (72)

2003 : "Percheval" logo design and creation for the town of Nogent-le-Rotrou (28).

2002 à 2005 : Collaboration with the "Sabots" review, to illustrate cartoons and several columns.

2007 : Mural painting (16m. by 4m.) featuring the history of L'Huissier factory closely linked with Connerré history (72) (commissioned by the town).

2009/2010 : Illustrations for self-published artworks and for the Editions Cheminements.

Véronique Lesage : Collaboration with "Sabots Magazine"
Véronique Lesage working at the Conneré freso


Design and creation of art objects (porcelain painting, sculpture, model sculpture) for "comices" (agricultural shows), horse team contests, etc. : Comices of Marolles, 4 days in Le Mans, International horse team Contest of "Haras du Pin", National horse and cow breeds contests.

"Diplomas" design (drawings and calligraphy), poster designs, wildlife portraits, logo design collaboration for the Percheron horse and for the "Parc Régional du Perche".

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